Josh Burke

Sales Associate & Site Acquisitions - 1st City Rose Bay

Josh Burke

A local Bondi boy, born and bred, Josh Burke has the Eastern Suburbs in his blood. Josh brings his extensive local history to real estate, offering clients an immersive glimpse into the Eastern Suburb’s lifestyle. From his school years at Waverley College to his time as one of Bondi’s famous Lifeguards, there is no part of this side of Sydney that Josh cannot bring to life.

Hanging up his boardies so he can help clients find their ideal homes and fulfil their greatest lifestyle aspirations, Josh prides himself on always striving for the best. His deep local knowledge, charismatic personality and ambition give him an exciting edge in Eastern Suburbs real estate. Combined with his knowledge of the market and a great understanding of meeting expectations, Josh knows how to negotiate the buyer who doesn’t want to swim between the flags.


M - 0425 270 313
P - (02) 8377 4888
E -

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